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About Sanjeevani...Life beyond cancer
Founder's Message
Sanjeevani … Life Beyond Cancer, an award winning registered Public Trust, a non-profit organization, has been set up for prevention and early detection of cancer and providing care, counseling and rehabilitation to persons fighting cancer with focus on navigating them towards wellness through various activities..

Sanjeevani … Life Beyond Cancer was founded in 2012 by Ruby Ahluwalia. Ruby, a serving bureaucrat, was diagnosed with Triple Negative (Stage 3) Breast Cancer in 2009.

Ruby, having under gone the emotional stress, financial drain, physical pain and challenges associated with fighting this deadly disease decided to make the journey for other persons fighting cancer less strenuous.

A socially aware person, Ruby, after completing her treatment, started Sanjeevani… Life Beyond Cancer under the guidance of a Board of Mentors which comprises of Eminent persons from a wide range of fields viz., Oncology, Finance, Consultancy, Chartered Accountancy, Management Education and Social sector.

Sanjeevani, endeavors to motivate and encourage patients to keep a positive outlook towards treatment and life and enrich the lives of cancer survivors in a way that the patient feels more complete after the whole cancer experience and looks at this experience as an opportunity to blossom up in life and not as a catastrophe.

All projects instituted by Sanjeevani work towards the same objective, delivered through the following programs;
  1. In-hospital interventions for cancer patients and their families:
    Sanjeevani Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre’s aim to motivate and encourage patients to complete their treatment and keep a positive outlook towards treatment as well as life.

    The uniqueness of the program stems from the fact that these centre’s are manned by Sanjeevani Counselors who mostly are rehabilitated cancer survivors themselves.

    They handhold the patient during and after the treatment by:
    1. Providing emotional, psychological and logistical support to patients and their relatives;
    2. Navigate patients through the whole treatment process
    3. Hand holding patients with limited family support through the treatment;
    4. Encourage patients to adhere to medical advice throughout as well as post treatment; and
    5. Facilitate better and more meaningful interaction between patients and doctors.

    SCRCs Operate in Super Specialty Cancer Hospitals designated as Regional Cancer Hospitals at Mumbai, Nagpur, Wardha, Ahmedabad, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kolkatta and Puducherry.
  2. Rehabilitation programs for survivors:
    Certificate Course on Onco – Care giving

    A unique 4 months course, for training cancer survivors to become cancer caregivers. Envisaged and delivered in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Tata Memorial Centre. The course curriculum is designed to focus on empathetic, emotive, nutritional, paramedical, physio-therapeutic as well as spiritual aspects of oncological care. Twin objectives of devising this course are:
    1. Skill development of cancer victors resulting in rehabilitation; and also
    2. Produce a pool of professionally trained and certified care givers for cancer patients.
    After completion of 2 batches in Mumbai, Sanjeevani and TISS plan to roll out this course at other centre’s in collaboration with the Local RCC and College of Social Work.

    The first out-station course is being rolled out in Ahmadabad (TISS / IIPH / GCRI) in July 2017.

  3. Sanjeevani Wellness Centres
    We are convinced that cancer is a disease that needs to be fought more from within. Sanjeevani runs Sanjeevani Wellness Centres (adjunct to the SCRCs) that offer inputs on Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Emotional Freedom techniques, Yoga, Meditation, Music Therapy and Dance Therapy by trained faculty, leading to a better quality of life post-treatment and hopefully reduced chance of recurrence.

    Objective of creating these spaces is to help cancer patients
    1. Deal with the side effects of modern medicine in a better way; and also
    2. Equip them with skills to take responsibility of their own health and build up their immunity systems.
    All interventions are provided here free of cost.
  4. Awareness Activities to help create awareness for prevention and need for early detection:
    1. Inclusion of Youth - Sanjeevani Youth Brigade,
    2. Creation of content viz., Films on Breast Cancer / Books
    3. Cancer awareness / detection camps,
    4. Cancer survivor/ Care givers conferences ,and
    5. Can-a-thons / Can-a-rides (Walkathons / Bike rides to reflect the I-can spirit).
  5. Advocacy with Policy makers / Philanthropic Organizations / Donor Groups.
    Sanjeevani endeavors to represent the need for psycho social support for cancer patients’ at all relevant forums.
    Basic data

    Address : 306, Gold Mohur, 3rd Floor, 174, Princess Street, Mumbai-400002
    Date of Establishment : April 18, 2012
    Tel No. : +91 8691000801
    Email :
    Website :
    Facebook Page :
    YouTube Channel :

    Registration Details

    Registered as : Charitable Trust
    Regn No : E 28648 (Mumbai)
    Date : 18/04/2012

    Copy of Registration certificate : Click here to view
    Tax exemptions available

    All donations to the trust are eligible for tax benefits available under 80 G.

    Copy of 12 AA Certificate : Click here to view

    Copy of 80 G Certificate : Click here to view
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