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Famous for its numerous temples, the city of Wardha has our SLBC team working in coordination with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS). From the period spanning between April 2019 to March 2020, over 2,263 cancer patients have received active help through the programs and activities carried out by our Wardha Chapter.

Active Programs include:

1. CanSahyogi: Handholding and Counselling sessions in hospital premises for cancer patients of MGIMS.

Events Organized:

  1. World Cancer Day was organized with the aim of creating awareness about cancer-care and to eradicate the stigma associated with cancer.
  2. International Women's Day was celebrated with a focus on increasing awareness about the types of cancer affecting women and educating them on steps to prevent the same
  3. Holi & Diwali festivals, as well as the occasion of New Year's Day, were celebrated with cancer patients in the hospital premises to help them deal with the idea of staying away from their homes and cope with their emotions of feeling lonely because of it.
  4. Daan Utsav was also celebrated with the patients.

To get in touch with our team you can write to us on [email protected] or Call us on our #Sanjeevani_India_Helpline - 8691000800