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An Overview

Cancer is a disease that shakes an individual’s emotional, spiritual and psychological state, primarily stemming from the sociological taboos our society tends to imply in the matter. A cancer patient’s state of physical wellness and emotional psyche is extremely fragile at a time like this. While they might put up a facade of being strong deep down they do have a niggling feeling of guilt, anxiety, depression that can get the better of them without a strong support system. With cancer on the rise, doctors are trying their best to help allay the fears and questions in the minds of these people, with medical intervention. While this does help some, it doesn't provide holistic solutions that help them in a more wholesome manner. This calls for action and a swift change in the way cancer care is perceived in the country, from being more of a disease centric approach to a more humanistic or patient centric approach. 

At Sanjeevani… Life Beyond Cancer, our steadfast endeavour is to raise the bar of cancer care in India. To achieve this objective, we’ve created a comprehensive care giving approach that hand holds cancer patients and their families through the course of the cancer treatment towards a life beyond cancer.

With a series of programs and wellness sessions, we allay the fears of patients, victors and their family members might have at each stage of the treatment and even post treatment for further mitigation and prevention of a relapse. 

By facilitating meaningful interactions between cancer patients and themselves, our professional caregivers at CanSahyogi establish an empathetic course of communication. As cancer victors themselves, they are empowered by a feeling of mutual understanding to foresee the patient’s needs like providing emotional, psychological and logistical support to patients and their relatives which then reaffirm their trust in the recovery process.

Going beyond the conventional methods of cancer care and treatments, the CanSaarthi course is a four month immersive onco care giving course with theoretical and practical courses that equips victors and those who’ve had first-hand experience with cancer to serve in the fight against it. The course allows for on field experiences to help alleviate a patient's discomfort and their fears through medical interventions with steadfast guidance and support at every juncture.

Strengthening the immunity of people affected by cancer through diet, breathing exercises and addressing their primary mental constructs is the backbone of our Satori initiative. Equipping them with the knowledge and practice of how to live a more wholesome lifestyle has proven to improve the physical, cognitive and social functioning of patients along with alleviating their financial concerns. It focuses on acting on the fear of a relapse with positive enforcement by means of holistic wellness. 

It is our belief that awareness towards a healthy positive mindset and an active balanced lifestyle to mitigate cancer should start young. Our CanChetna program acts towards this by conducting free awareness drives that promote open discussions about cancer, the symptoms of how to conduct self examinations, the need for early detection and the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles to keep cancer at bay. With teams spread across pan India, Can Chetna finds reach in schools, colleges and communities.

No initiative is successful without the support and the hard work of our Sanjeevani angels and volunteers and staff who have helped touch the lives and serve as inspiration to many. Which is why we celebrate them through our CanUstav program and thank them for their dedication towards the cause.

The vulnerability of cancer-patients to COVID-19 requires them to take a number of special precautions. With most OPDs in cancer hospitals being curtailed, the treatment plans for many patients have witnessed unforeseen changes. Which is why, we aim to educate them on ways to deal with the uncertainties of the resultant lockdown due to their inaccessibility to doctors and professional medical care, through our Tele-Counselling session and our Online Wellness sessions. These sessions allow for patients and victors to access resources like doctors, therapists and counsellors to help allay their anxiety and depression with special one on one care. The online wellness sessions incorporate a multimodal approach which teaches participants about the significance of keeping their immunity up through practical and mindful sessions. 

A holistic approach towards spiritual, emotional and physical wellness that allows participants of all spheres of life to access the same facilities at absolutely no charge is, according to us, a sign in the right direction towards reducing the number of cases, achieving a lower count of relapses and a significant improvement towards cancer care in India.

If you’d like to be a part of this movement and our journey, you can take action today. You can Volunteer with us here or Donate towards the change