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Hansaben Suthar
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When Hansaben Suthar, a nurse administrator, was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2019, it came to her as a shock. From being a caregiver, she suddenly became a patient in need of care. It was during this time that she came across Sanjeevani. She found that the wellness programs proved to be very helpful in maintaining a positive outlook, during the course of her treatment. She advises fellow patients to try and stay happy despite the illness by picking up activities that they enjoy be it reading, listening to motivational speakers, painting, etc. She believes that bottling up our emotional pain will have adverse effects on a person’s health, since emotional pain can be more harmful than physical pain. Through the online sessions, she has learned various techniques that can help release these emotions, in addition to nutritional values, breathing patterns, thinking habits and much more.

I would like to thank the whole Sanjeevani team, which has helped me and loves me so much.