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Juri Chetia


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Juri Chetia was in DR. B.Borooah Cancer Institute since October 2019 for her treatment. During the time of her treatment she was constantly motivated and kept a positive mindset towards the services provided by all of the staff of the hospital, including the Sanjeevani faculty that helped her during the course of her treatment.


I would especially like to thank Mrs. Nandini Gogoi from Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer for her selfless services towards the patients of the hospital. She helped us during our hard time. Because this disease burns us also from within, she also helped us get access to financial help. I would like to wish her best for her future. The Sanjeevani team is always there for us whenever we need them. They helped us during our follow up. We get the chance to Know about Online Wellness Sessions which are provided by Sanjeevani team and  which is very helpful to all of our family. A big thank you to the Sanjeevani Guwahati team for always being there for us.