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Active Programs include:

1. CanSahyogi: Handholding and Counselling sessions in hospital premises for cancer patients of TMH and ACTREC.

2. CanSaarthi: Through this program, we provide a caregivers' course which trains and certifies Sanjeevani professionals to help cancer patients. Preference is given to cancer victors themselves. As of today, four batches (Physical mode ) 3 Batches (Phidigital format) of this course have been successfully completed.

3. CanChetna: A program meant to spread awareness in various schools, colleges, universities and communities of Mumbai about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and the importance of early detection for higher chances of survival.

4. Satori: A holistic care program created for the wellness of cancer patients.

5. CanAhaar: Nutritional Supplement Program for underprivileged cancer patients
Helping patients meet their nutritional needs by providing them with essential nutrition boxes is the sole objective of this program.

6. Can Vaarta: Raising awareness about cancer care through meaningful conversations is the main objective of the Can Vaarta program.

7. CanUtsav:  A platform to rejoice and appreciate the camaraderie of those associated with cancer care and continue to work in challenging circumstances.

Special Activities:

  1. Providing wigs to cancer patients.
  2. Distributing Cyclical Nutritional Therapy kits among patients.
  3. Conducting monthly Support Group Meetings for patients and their caregivers with Doctors, Social workers and counsellors.
  4. Providing mastectomy kits to breast cancer patients post-surgery.
  5. Organizing conversations revolving around adopting healthy lifestyles to prevent cancer or to fight cancer better, across city colleges and Old Age homes too.
  6. Distributing 'Smiley Balls' in paediatric wards on International Childhood Cancer Day.
  7. Distributing Sanjeevani Cloth Bags as part of our 'Say No To Plastic' initiative.
  8. Starting the initiative of distributing ration among patients from economically weaker sections.
  9. Actively supporting blood donation camps being conducted at TMH.

Awards and Recognition:

1. Ms. Archana Vishaye was bestowed with the 'Dost Ho Toh Aisa' Award as well as the 'Mera Team Mera Sanmaan' award for her dedication and commitment towards cancer care at the 2019 Golden Angel Awards ceremony.

2. The Mumbai Chapter won the 'Best Team' award at the 2019 Golden Angel Awards ceremony.

Our Team Members are

1. Sonal Virkayade - Sr. Counselor

2. Daksha Solanki - Sr. Counselor

3. Vandana Agarwal - Sr. Counselor

4. Vishaka Chalke - Sr. Counselor

6. Bharti Ahire - Jr. Counselor

7. Aman Barnwal - Jr. Counselor

8. Jyoti Shitole - Jr. Counselor


Our Intervention in the above hospitals are supported through a grant by Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited


To get in touch with our team you can write to us on [email protected] or Call us on our #Sanjeevani_India_Helpline - 8691000800